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Are you looking for Champ car filters online?  Filters For My Car carries automotive filters that are listed at prices much less than Champ air filters and are equal in terms in quality.  We also carry a wide selection of cabin air filters that are identical to Champ cabin air filters.

Champion Laboratories, Inc. is one of the oldest filtration companies in the world.  They originally began in 1955 and have gone on to be one of the leaders in automotive filters.  They created the Luber-finer Heavy Duty filters brand and manufacture many private label brands for smaller companies.  They company produces air filters, cabin air filters, fuel filters, transmission filters, fuel dispensing filters, heavy duty filters, and gas turbine filters,.

Their part number system is widely used in the industry and we do include their part numbers in our product listings for ease of matching your existing champ filters with our product offerings.  You can see these cross reference numbers at the bottom of the product pages along with along with other numbers from brands such as Purolator, Fram, and Wix.  If you have any questions regarding whether or not one of our filters can replace your Champ air filter or Champ cabin air filter, please contact us!  We can always provide dimensions of any filter we sell online.

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