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Cabin Filter Explanation
Cabin Air Filters are significantly different from Air Filters in their overall design and purpose.  These filters help filtrate the cabin air inside the vehicle and provide a cleaner atmosphere for the passengers.  The Cabin Air Filter removes bacteria, dander, dust, odors, and pollen from the air that is circulated through the air ventilation system.  Interestingly enough, this filter is a new concept in terms of automotive manufacturing and has only been equipped on vehicles widely within the last 10 years.

Cabin Air Filters come in variety of colors, shapes and sizes.   They are commonly located behind the glove box or a special compartment in the engine bay (subject to vary).  It’s important to note that not all newer vehicles are equipped with this filter and you should check with your owner’s guide first before searching for a cabin air filter.  But if your vehicle does have this filter installed, it should be regularly checked and replaced when necessary.  These filters for the most part come in a white particulate and get darker with color with time as they absorb all the of allergens from the outside environment.

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