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Filters For My Car stocks a variety of Scion car filters at prices far below their dealer equivalents.  We carry a number of Scion air filters that match OEM specifications and are guaranteed to perform just as well as your original filter.  Our online store also sells Scion cabin air filters that remove outside contaminants from reaching the interior of the vehicle.  These contaminants include allergens and odors.  Please remember to check both your engine air filter and your cabin air filter regularly to maintain a balanced service schedule.  The following paragraphs cover Scion’s history and also covers their current vehicle offerings.  

Scion was founded in 2002, and is a brand owned by Toyota Motor Corporation.  The marquee was created to appeal to a younger generation of car buyers and is an experiment by Toyota to create a sub culture of brand perception unique to Scion.  Generally, buyers of Toyota vehicles tend to differ from buyers of Scion vehicles in a number of demographics, such as age and interests.  What differs the brand from other car companies is its one trim design.  Scion models do not have a variety of options to choose from when purchasing the vehicle.  But dealers carry an extensive amount of accessories and additional equipment for Scion vehicles.  Toyota has focused its efforts in providing Scion vehicles with a wide assortment of aftermarket accessories in order to cater to the import tuner crowd.

Scion initially started on the west coast in a select number of dealerships in 2003 and slowly worked its way across the US to the east coast for a national launch in 2004.  Scion dealerships have a no haggle price price displayed on their vehicles and Toyota prevents anyone from marking up the MSRP in order to create equality in the market pricing.  Over the years, Scion has released a number of vehicles in limited edition RS (Release Series) packages.  These packages include unique color combinations and limited edition accessories.  Scion has a strong following from various organizations and clubs; and Toyota has responded positively by supporting and providing unique social media content and information to keep owners informed about the brand and new products and accessories.  Scion’s current lineup includes the xB, xD, and the tC.

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