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Worried about finding Saturn car filters at affordable prices?  No worries!  Filter For My Car stocks a variety of Saturn air filters that help keep your engine free from outside materials such as small rocks and road debris.  Our online store also carries a wide range of Saturn cabin air filters that filtrate the air inside the vehicle and remove allergens such as pollen.  It is important to check both your engine air filter and cabin air filter frequently to maintain a balanced service schedule.  The following paragraphs cover Saturn’s history as well as its final vehicle offerings. 

Saturn was formed in 1985 and was a subsidiary of General Motors.  The brand was created as a response to the large amount of low-cost Asian import vehicles entering the market.  These vehicles were from companies such as Honda, Nissan, and Toyota.  Saturn remained fully operational until 2009, when talks fell through regarding prospective buyers of the brand.  GM decided to fully disband operations by late 2010 as part of its bankruptcy restructuring plan.

In 1990, Saturn introduced its first vehicle, The Saturn S-Series.  The vehicle and the company itself was an ambitious new venture for General Motors.  Everything was new about the brand and there was an incredible amount of product image risk and capital on the line for GM.  Despite the setbacks of a setting up a new company, the brand’s first vehicle was fairly successful.  This helped to push the brand overseas and expand into other markets such as Canada and Asia.  In the early to mid 2000s, Saturn expanded its lineup to include a variety of vehicles, including the popular SUV, The Saturn Vue.  Sales remained consistent but fell short of expectations when compared to other brands.  In 2006 and 2007, GM attempted to draw attention back to the brand be revamping the lineup and re-branding some of its more upscale vehicles overseas as new Saturn vehicles.  The Saturn Aura and Saturn Sky were actually Opel vehicles from Europe.  Unfortunately, GM was too late with its renewed lineup, and the public did not react as strongly as expected in terms of sales.  Due to the General Motors bankruptcy, Saturn was put up for sale and offers were entertained for a period, including a potential offer from Penske Automotive Group.  Ultimately, the talks fell through and it was decided to phase the brand and dealerships by the end of 2010.  The last model lineup included the Aura, Astra, Outlook, Sky, and Vue.

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