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Looking for quality replacement Saab car filters?  Your search is now over!  Filters For My Car carries a variety of Saab air filters that match OEM specifications and are guaranteed to perform just like your stock air filter.  We also stock a number of Saab cabin air filters to help keep the interior of your car smelling fresh and free of outside contaminants and odors.  It is important to check both your engine air filter and cabin air filter frequently to maintain a balanced service schedule.  The following paragraphs cover Saab’s history as well as their final lineup.

Saab, short for Saab Automobile AB, is a Swedish manufacturer that was acquired by General Motors in 1990 and was subsequently sold to Spyker Cars in 2010 as part of GM’s bankruptcy restructuring.  The company began in 1937 producing air planes for Sweden in preparation of a potential attack on its land during World War II.  After the war was over, the desire for planes was drastically reduced and Saab began seeking out other markets to compete in.

In 1949, Saab introduced its first vehicle, The Saab 92, and sold it through the mid-1950s.    The Saab 93, was the first vehicle to incorporate the well known trapezoidal front grill that is still seen on Saab’s modern lineup today.  In 1968, Saab introduced the Saab 99, which help to catapult the brand to great mainstream success.  It was innovative at the time and was the first vehicle to incorporate self repairing bumpers, wraparound wind-screen, headlamp washers, and side-impact door beams.  In 1978, the Saab 99′s replacement, the The Saab 900 became the company’s most successful vehicle, selling over 1 million units.  Saab’s distinctive “hockey stick” body shape prevailed until changes were made by GM after they purchased the company in 1989.  GM expanded the lineup of cars and began sharing platforms with Saab vehicles in an effort to save costs and engineering.  During the late 1990s and early 2000s, the brand suffered tremendously in terms of sales due to GMs complacency and unwillingness to redesign and keep the brand relevant.  Many of its models were commercial failures and the division lingered on for a period until GM’s bankruptcy.  Instead of dissolving the brand it was decided to put the division up for sale.  A number of potential buyers made offers, but ultimately Spkyer Cars purchased the company and has plans for redesigns and popularizing the brand again.  Currently the new 9-5 was unveiled and has brought a considerable amount of attention back to the company.  The modern lineup includes the 9-3 and 9-5.

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