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Our store carries a wide variety of Pontiac car filters at great prices that match dealer quality replacements.  Filters For My Car stocks Pontiac air filters that match OEM specifications and are guaranteed to fit your vehicle correctly.  We also sell Pontiac cabin air filters that filtrate the air inside a vehicle and keep it free from harmful allergens and outside contaminants.  It is important to check your engine air filter and cabin air filter frequently to ensure that you maximize the efficiency of your vehicle.  The following paragraphs cover Pontiac’s history as well as a review of their last lineup before GM decided to close the brand as part of their bankruptcy.

Pontiac was founded in 1899 and was a performance oriented brand owned by General Motors.  The company was eventually dissolved in 2010 after GM had to make restructuring changes to acquire government aid assistance.   The company up until the 1950s had grown slowly but steadily while relying heavily on parts sharing between the different GM brands.  Many customers were drawn to the Pontiac brand due to the relatively cheap inline eight engines and various 8 cylinder variants.  In the late 1940s, GM began reshaping the Pontiac brand to give it an edgier look to allow it to become differentiated from its other brands.  Sales dramatically increased and by 1960, the brand had achieved great success with the Pontiac Tempest.

Pontiac is responsible for creating what was known as the first “muscle car”, the Pontiac GTO.  Due to the GTO’s tremendous appeal and  attention from the public, this spurred the entire auto industry into a muscle car frenzy that resulted in many famous vehicles of that era.  John Delorean replaced the general manager of Pontiac in 1964, and continued to bring success to the brand by continuing the theme of sportiness and unique design. By 1971, Federal Government fuel and safety standards led to the slow decline of Pontiac sales as GM and the brand had to make drastic changes to meet Government expectations.  Large engines were opted out for smaller fuel efficient ones as well as more standard safety equipment that made the vehicles heavier.  Although performance vehicles remained in Pontiac’s lineup, such as the Pontiac Firebird,  up through the 1990s, the emphasis on the brand remained to be luxury and competitive fuel economy.

By the 1990s, the brand’s lineup included re branded GM vehicles and had lost its appeal as offering unique vehicles.  GM attempted to revamp the entire lineup starting in 2005, but this was shortly lived as GM began experiencing financial difficulties in 2008 and eventually had to dissolve the brand as part of its plan to receive government aid assistance in restructuring.  Up until the dissolve, the lineup included the G8, G6, G5, G3, Solstice, Torrent, and the Vibe.

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