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Filters For My Car carries Mini car filters that match OEM specifications and are priced far lower than the equivalent dealer filters.  We stock Mini air filters that are required to be changed as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.  These air filters help keep foreign objects such as dirt from entering the engine through the air intake.  Our web store also sells Mini cabin air filters needed to keep the air inside the vehicle fresh and free from outside contaminants.  It is important to check both the engine air filter and cabin air filter at the same time to ensure your car is running smoothly.  The following paragraph covers Mini’s history as well as reviews their current lineup.

Mini is an automotive brand owned by BMW Group and produces the successor to the original Mini that ceased production in 2000.  The new Mini draws on much of the design of the original Mini and is noticeably longer and wider than its predecessor.  The new model came out in 2001 and is still currently produced globally.  The brand has expanded its lineup to include variations of the new platform; but there have been no major plans to produce a distinctly different vehicle.  The current lineup includes the Mini Hardtop, Mini Convertible, Mini Clubman, and the Mini John Cooper Works.

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