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Worried about the closing of the Mercury brand and finding Mercury car filters?  No worries!  Filters For My Car stocks a wide range of Mercury air filters that fit most modern and current vehicles.  We have many Mercury cabin air filters available as well due to the fact that Ford partakes in component sharing across its brands and uses many of the same filters on all of its vehicles.  It is key to check both of your engine air filters and cabin air filters at the same time and replace if necessary to maximize your vehicle’s efficiency.  The following information covers Mercury’s history and their final lineup.

Mercury is an entry level luxury marquee that was created by Henry Ford’s son, Edsel Ford in 1939.  The purpose of the brand was to offer vehicles that fit between Ford’s high end vehicles and Lincoln’s low end vehicles.  This would in effect give the consumer a complete range of choices would fit any sort of budget.  Despite the initial decision of Mercury existing as an entry level marquee, the brand has struggled throughout its history determining what type of cars it wanted to release.  Its early cars most matched its image of luxury and then its cars of the 1960s were performance oriented which began to bring confusion from the general public of what type of cars Mercury specialized in.  An example of this was the fairly sporty and successful Cougar coupe.  After the late 1960’s, less attention and resources were put into Mercury and the brand subsequently suffered.  Ford in the late 70s and early 80s focused its efforts on revamping its own line of vehicles as well as Lincoln’s offerings.  Mercury essentially became slight variations of existing Ford vehicles due to the shifted focus from its parent company on its other vehicles deemed more important.

By the early to mid 2000’s, much of the brand had been downsized to just a handful of vehicles.  Much of the public speculated on whether or not the brand would be continued and Ford never made it clear what the future plans were for the division.  In June of 2010, Ford announced it would be shutting the brand down and focusing on its Ford and Lincoln vehicles.  Its current and final models are the Milan, Grand Marquis, Mariner, and Mountaineer.

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