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Our e-commerce store stocks a wide range of Mazda car filters that match and in most cases exceed the quality of competitor brand name filters.  Filters For My Car sells Mazda air filters that are required to be replaced as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.  We also carry a variety of Mazda cabin air filters that filtrate and keep the air inside the vehicle clean and free from dirt, dust, and odors.  Be sure to check both your engine air filter and cabin air filter regularly as part of your service schedule.  Replacing filters helps to maintain your vehicle by preventing harmful damage.  The following paragraph covers Mazda’s history and their current lineup.

The Mazda Motor Corporation was founded in 1920 and is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that is headquartered in Japan.   The company originally built machine tools and then weapons such as rifles for Japan throughout World War II.  After the war, Mazda made a transition to manufacturing cars and invested heavily in the 1960’s on developing a suitable rotary engine to be used in its mainstream models.  The company saw it as a unique opportunity to differentiate itself from other Japanese automakers and provide an engine not available from any other manufacturer.  The engine proved to be a success and the public responded well noting its light and performance oriented characteristics.  The company did well until the oil crisis of 1973 when consumers opted for vehicles with better fuel economy.  Mazda scrambled to replace the mainstream rotary with fuel-efficient piston engines but much of the market had already switched to other brands.  Due to a number of factors such as poor financial decisions and the oil crisis, Mazda looked for an outside corporate investor to help restructure and bring life back into the company.  Ford retained a 7 percent stake in the company starting in 1979 and this subsequently grew over the years as Ford became more involved with Mazda in producing and sharing components across multiple vehicles.  The two collaborated often on vehicles and Mazda helped design and develop the immensely popular Ford Explorer.

Throughout Ford’s controlling stake of the company, it helped to shape and give direction to the brand while cutting costs and improving manufacturing.  Such popular cars were created during Ford’s ownership such as the Miata and redesigned Mazda RX-7.  Ford as of 2008 has scaled back its ownership control and the company is freely making its own development and manufacturing decisions.  Its current lineup includes the Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda6, Miata, CX-7, CX-9, and RX-8,

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