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Our online store carries a wide assortment of Lincoln car filters that match OEM specifications at great prices.  Filters For My Car stocks Lincoln air filters that come in all different shapes and sizes, so it is important to use our drop down selector to find the exact year, make, and model of your Lincoln.  We also sell Lincoln cabin air filters that filtrate the air circulating inside your vehicle and remove such outside contaminants as dust and pollen.  It is important to check both the engine air filter and cabin air filters regularly as part of your scheduled service intervals.  The following paragraphs cover a brief history of Lincoln and reviews their current lineup today.

Lincoln is a luxury division of Ford Motor Company and was founded in 1917.  Initially the company was a competitor of Ford and ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 1922 due to its inability to stay relevant in terms of vehicle design and providing a comparable vehicle against the competition.  Soon after bankruptcy, Henry Ford purchased the company and changes were made to the bodywork and pricing that brought the brand back to profitability and market relevance.  Lincoln has been known for its large sedans and limousines and its vehicles have been used extensively in police departments and in transportation of politicians and diplomats. A well-known Lincoln model used as a presidential limousine was the third generation Lincoln Continental, known for its suicide doors.  This vehicle served President Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon.

Over the years Lincoln became complacent and subsequently began to fall behind its rivals by offering substandard vehicles that were not equally equipped and uniquely designed.  The Lincoln Town Car and other vehicles became relegated to fleet sales to rental and taxi companies.  Ford decided to redesign the lineup and worked towards updating and offering new vehicles starting in 2007.  The new models also come equipped with many unique technology features such as Ford’s Sync system.  The brand has begun to receive attention and renewed interest, but critics still claim Lincoln has substantial ground to cover if it is to compete with companies such as BMW and Lexus.  Lincoln’s current lineup includes the MKT, MKS, MKX, MKZ, Navigator, and Town Car

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