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Looking for quality Lexus car filters at prices cheaper than the dealer?  Filters For My Car carries a wide range of Lexus air filters that fit most modern and current 2011 and 2012 models.  We also stock a variety of Lexus cabin air filters in the basic white particulate and charcoal infused variant to help filtrate and keep the air inside your vehicle clean and fresh smelling.  It is important to change both your engine air filter and cabin air filter at the same time to maintain a balanced and timely service schedule.  The following paragraphs cover the history of Lexus and its current lineup as well.

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury division and was founded in 1989.  It has since become Japan’s largest luxury make ahead of Acura and Infiniti in terms of global sales.  The company introduced its first vehicle in the US in 1989, The Lexus LS400.  An incredible amount of effort and time was put into creating this first model and it was reflected in its high praise and many accolades and awards.  The LS400 shared no major components from other Toyota models despite the critic claims that it was just a Toyota with leather.  The launch of Lexus and its success caused a major stir among other luxury manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz due to the price advantage and perceived higher quality.  This in effect pushed other luxury marquees to improve their product to better compete with Lexus.  The company experienced phenomenal growth throughout the 1990s and introduced many successful models such as the late 90s mid size SUV, The RX300.  This SUV went on to become one of Lexus’s most sold vehicles in the brand’s history.

Currently Lexus has implemented a variety of hybrid powertrains to existing models and plans on eventually offering a hybrid version of every vehicle it current manufactures.  The Lexus lineup includes the ES350, IS250, IS350, IS F, GS350, RX350, LS460, SC430, and the Lexus LFA supercar.

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