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Looking for Jeep car filters for your rugged vehicle?  We carry many different Jeep air filters that match OEM specifications and in most cases exceed the quality of a filter you would find in parts store.  Our web store also stocks Jeep cabin air filters for select vehicles that have the filter installed, such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee (dealer installed accessory).  Remember to maintain a regular service schedule when replacing your engine air filter and cabin air filter.  The following information covers the history of Jeep as well as describes it’s current lineup.

Jeep is an auto brand owned by Chrysler Group LLC. (Chrysler), and was founded in1941.  Its headquarters are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, US.  Jeep is the oldest off-road brand.  In 1940, the US contacted 135 companies requesting prototypes of a four-wheel drive reconnaissance car.  American Batnam Company and Willys-Overland responded and Batnam came up with the initial blueprints and design.  Willys-Overland took the initial prototype and modified it to meet the Army’s engine and torque requirements.  The Willys version became the standardized Jeep model used in the war.  Because of the large number of vehicles required to for the Government, Willys granted the US Government a non-exclusive contract allowing them to find another company to produce the Jeep.  Ford was selected as a second supplier and worked together with Willys to manufacture the Jeeps needed.  Since World War II, the Jeep has been imitated globally and many manufacturers make similar vehicles based on its success.

Throughout the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s the brand experienced a number of ownership changes and struggled to sell vehicles that met consumer expectations.  The Jeep Wrangler was a success in the late 80s and helped bring interest back to the brand.  Currently, the lineup includes the Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Patriot, and Wrangler.

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