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Our web store carriers a variety of Infiniti car filters that match OEM specifications.  Filters For My Car stocks Infiniti air filters that exceed our competitor’s quality and are guaranteed to be cheaper than dealer prices.  We also carry a variety of Infiniti cabin air filters that help to filtrate the cabin air and provide clean smelling air.  It is important to check both your engine air filter and cabin air filter at the same time to maintain a balanced service schedule.  The following information is a brief synopsis of Infiniti’s history and includes a description of their current lineup.  

Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan Motor Co., and its headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan.  The Infiniti marquee does not appear in Japan and its vehicles are brandedasNissans.  The company started selling its vehicles in the US in 1989, soon after Toyota and Honda released their luxury brands Acura and Lexus.  During its early start the brand made a series of poor decisions in marketing and advertising its vehicles.  Despite this, there were a number of positive events in its early history, such as its entry into IRL (Indianapolis 500) in 1996, the engine technology from this racing has since made its way across Nissan and Infiniti models.  And in 1997, Infiniti was one of the first companies to offer a mid size luxury SUV, the Infiniti QX4.

The brand almost met its demise in 2000 and it subsequently made a huge push to improve its brand image and vehicle offerings.  Its first and major success was the release of the G35 Sedan and Coupe in 2003.   Its current lineup includes the G Sedan, G Coupe, G Convertible, M Sedan, EX and FX Crossover, and the QX SUV.

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