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Filters For My Car carries Honda car filters that fit most modern and current 2010 and 2011 applications.  Our web store stocks a variety of Honda air filters that vary in size and shape depending on the vehicle and displacement size.  We also sell a wide assortment of Honda cabin air filters to help keep your interior free from contaminants and microbes.  Please ensure that you check and replace both your engine air filter and cabin air filter frequently to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating inside your engine and cabin space.  The following information is a brief synopsis of Honda’s history and current vehicles.  

Honda, (Honda Motor Company, Ltd.) was started in 1948 and is a Japanese headquartered company and is primarily known for its production of automobiles and motorcycles.  But it also produces garden equipment, marine equipment, personal watercraft, and power generators.  It is currently the number one producer in the world of motorcycles and number one producer, measured by volume, of internal combustion engines.  Honda is the second largest auto manufacturer in Japan and is the fourth largest manufacturer in the US.

Honda also owns the brand, Acura, and were the first Japanese company to introduce a luxury division in 1986.  Honda is best known for its small and efficient vehicles such as the Honda Civic.  Honda’s current lineup includes the ‘Accord, Civic, Crosstour, CR-V, Element, Fit, Insight, Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline.  As well as the new Honda FCX Clarity, which runs on Hydrogen.

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