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Filters For My Car carriers a wide range of Ford car filters in many shapes, sizes, and applications.  This includes Ford air filters that help to protect the engine from outside particles and foreign objects.  We also carry a number of Ford cabin air filters to help keep your cabin air clean and fresh.  You will find that many of these filters also fit on other Lincoln and Mercury models because of Ford’s component sharing between the brands.  The following paragraphs give a brief summary of Ford’s history and information regarding their current lineup.

Ford is a U.S. based manufacturer that was started by Henry Ford in 1903.  Henry Ford is responsible for bringing the mass assembly line to manufacturing and ultimately revolutionized the industry worldwide.  Ford is widely known for its vehicles such as the Ford Model T, Ford Mustang, Ford GT40, Ford Thunderbird, F Series trucks, and the Heavy-Duty Truck division.  The company is currently the second largest automotive company in the U.S.  Ford also owns the companies of Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo (pending sale to Geely), and has a small stake in Aston Martin and Mazda.

Currently, Ford has faired the best out of The Detroit Three because of its bold decision to mortgage virtually all of its assets in 2006 to avoid a future bankruptcy.  This increased the company’s borrowing capacity and allowed it to make large changes in areas such as revamping its manufacturing and vehicle design.  This mortgaging of assets and restructuring is due to a decision by Alan Mulally, a former Boeing engineer and executive vice presient.  Mulally became CEO in 2006 and has since made an incredible amount of changes that has saved Ford and allowed it to become a relevant and profitable in the US again.   Ford’s current line of cars includes the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Mustang, Edge, Escape, Explorer, Expedition, Flex, F Series trucks, and Taurus.

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