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Our store carries a number of different Acura car filters.  Filters For My Car stocks Acura air filters from as far back as late 1980′s (the brand’s inception) to current 2012/2013 models.  We also maintain a number of Acura cabin air filters in our inventory in the white particulate and carbon / charcoal variation as well.  Feel free to browse our Acura section and message us if you do not find the filters you are looking for.  The following information is a brief description of Acura and its history in the marketplace.

Acura is a luxury division of Honda Motor Company that was introduced in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong in 1986.  Such popular models include the Legend, Integra, and the world renowned NSXAcura in recent years has become known for their technology centered interiors and Honda has strived to differentiate the brand to create a unique interior experience.  The current model lineup includes the TL, TSX, MDX, RDX, ILX, ZDX, and RL.  Many components, engines, and parts are shared between Acura and Honda.  This is why you will find that many Air Filters and Cabin Air Filters are the same between Acura and Honda models.

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