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1.  Are your filters similar in quality to the ones I buy at the dealer?

Absolutely.  Filters For My Car carries and stocks filters that come from reputable ISO certified manufacturers.  Our quality matches and in many cases exceeds what is provided by many manufacturers.  The pictures we have in our item description are in fact actual pictures of our products in inventory.

2.  What brand of filters do you sell?

We sell private label and plain white boxed filters.  We do not carry large brand name filters.  This allows us to pass the cost savings along to the consumer!

3.  How do I find out which filters I need?

Please use either the Make, Model, Year drop down menu on the home page or the shop page:  Once you use this drop down, you will see the available items for your vehicle!

4.  What if you don’t carry what I need?

Well there’s one of two options here.  Either we mistakenly have not listed our products correctly in our database or we might not carry the items you need in our inventory at this time.  If you would like more information on what we can do to help you with your request, please email:  We are always looking to expand our product base and we may be able to get what you need!  Please note that if we do not carry what your vehicle requires, it may take between 30-60 days to stock new part numbers.  We may not be able to service your needs the first time you need us, but rest assured, next time we should have the parts!

5.  How do you ship your items?

Currently, we use UPS Ground to ship our items.  Your shipping time will vary based on your location.  We ship our items out of Southern California.  Please review the UPS outbound map to estimate your shipping time.  Note that the transit days refer to business days, weekends are not included.

6.  How do I track my packages?  

Once you purchase an item from us, you will be sent an email with a UPS tracking number. If you click the tracking number link from inside of the email, it will take you to the UPS website for further details.  If you cannot find your email, we can always provide you with your tracking number based on your order.  Please email: for any concerns you may have.

7.  I didn’t get the right part…now what?

No worries!  Please refer to our Order Issues page:  Once you contact us, we will do everything we can to help you get the right parts you need or a refund!

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