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What are Cabin Air Filters?

Cabin Filter Explanation
FFMC strives to educate consumers about filtration.  The question is, how much do people know about the filtration involved in their vehicle?  The reality is…very little.  A majority of vehicle owners know their vehicle has filters, but it usually ends at that.  It’s important that owners are educated about what they need in order to help maintain their vehicles!

Air filters have become fairly known in terms of basic filtration needs.  Generally, people know that air filters reside in a compartment somewhere in the engine bay.  But…cabin filters are a whole other animal to address.  In our opinion, cabin air filters are just as important as your engine air filters.  These filters are responsible for removing dust, dirt, and allergens from the air you breathe inside of your vehicle.  Cabin filters help ensure your air conditioning remains effective and you circulate clean air for passengers and yourself.

A few things to address:

  1. Cabin filters are a new concept in the industry, few cars prior to the 1990′s had a cabin filter.  
  2. Cabin filter location can be in a number of locations, including behind the glove box and near the windshield wipers in a compartment in the engine bay. 
  3. Cabin filters for the most part are delicate particulate filters and must be handled carefully.
  4. Cabin filters should be changed at least twice a year as to ensure you maintain clean air.




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