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We have been hard at work developing an easy way to search for filters from your mobile device. Our mobile store theme has been completed and is ready for use! Simply access the store url: from a mobile device and you will automatically be redirected to the scaled down mobile version of the store. This theme makes it easy to view products on the go and allows you to make those decisions when you do not have the luxury of being in front of a desktop. We hope this makes things easier for you when the moment strikes and you remember you need to purchase a filter!

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Would you like to have free shipping on your next order?  Great!  We have the solution for you!  Click our testimonials tab in the navigation and fill out the form.  Once we review and approve your testimonial we will send you a promo code to the email you provide for free shipping.  Simple as that!  Our only condition is that you have purchased from us at least once in the past.  Feel free to mention anything about the filters you ordered, ease of purchase, how you found us, or anything you feel is worth noting.  Thank you again for your support!

Diesel Oil & Fuel Filters Added!

As always, FFMC is looking to expand its product depth to serve additional filtration markets.  We have been compiling new product sheets and have begun to upload oil filters, fuel filters, and filter combo packages that fit on many popular diesel vehicles.  Please check back regularly as we continue to upload additional filters.  We understand that many small businesses use their diesel pickups daily for a variety of tasks, and maintaining them is of great importance.  We hope that the variety of packages we offer will provide a great value to those looking to make the most of their maintenance dollars.  We have uploaded oil filter packages of 6/12, fuel filter packages of 6/12, and combo packages that include air, oil, and fuel filters.  Please message us for more information, or if you don’t see the filters you need for your diesel pickup!

New Payment Method – Paypal

We have gone ahead and enabled Paypal Express Checkout to our methods of payment!  We understand that people have balances they’d like to use, and what better way to make use of it then replacing your filters!  Our goal is to constantly improve the site and make changes that are beneficial and help make purchasing easier!  Please email us at Email Customer Service or use the contact form: to let us know of any suggestions you may have!

New Feature – Track Order

We’ve just added a new “Track Order” feature that can be found in the top portion of our site. This function allows you to review and check the status of an order you’ve placed. If a tracking number was generated for the order, it will display the UPS number as well!

The reasoning behind this function is that for some customers, they may misplace or have deleted their shipment email. No registration on the site is necessary in order to review & track your order. Simply enter your order number and the email used during the purchase process and that’s it!

We are always looking to improve our site’s functionality and adding more useful features to be used post-purchase is an important of the customer experience. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you feel there is something worth adding to the site that can improve your purchasing experience in any way!

Dealer Markup is a killer…

Filtration Markup
The fact is most dealers mark up filtration by an astonishing amount.  Generally, the costs of maintaining a dealership, as well as what profit margin the dealer wants to achieve, is all worked into the price.  Is it not unheard of for dealers to achieve in excess of 100% margin of profit on air and cabin air filters.  Customers for the most part just don’t question or realize how inexpensive filters are for the dealer to procure.  It is important for people to understand a bit more about the dealerships they trust their vehicles with.  Their goal is to maximize profitability with each customer visit, not provide an inexpensive location to service your vehicle.

Air filters and cabin air filters will be recommended  to be replaced quite often during customer visits.  Dealers will generally request replacement on these filters every other service (that is if you always bring your vehicle to the dealer).  Customers tend to not challenge the service writer’s requests and trust the fact that when they hear something is “dirty”, it always means it needs to be replaced.  Oil change specials are a lost leader for dealerships and the intention is to draw you in so that additional parts and service can potentially be sold to you.  An air & cabin air filter replacement sold along with an oil change is an easy way for a dealer to make more money out of a visit with little to no effort on the service writer’s behalf.

It is important to note that we are referring specifically to large chain dealerships where the public generally buys their vehicles new and potentially brings them back for service.  Many small chain companies and family owned repair shops have different attitudes about service work considering they are not in the business of selling vehicles.  People have different experiences with smaller shops and most often bring their vehicles elsewhere after purchase once they realize the overinflated cost of parts and service from a dealership in regards to simple part changes such as air filters & cabin air filters.

What are Cabin Air Filters?

Cabin Filter Explanation
FFMC strives to educate consumers about filtration.  The question is, how much do people know about the filtration involved in their vehicle?  The reality is…very little.  A majority of vehicle owners know their vehicle has filters, but it usually ends at that.  It’s important that owners are educated about what they need in order to help maintain their vehicles!

Air filters have become fairly known in terms of basic filtration needs.  Generally, people know that air filters reside in a compartment somewhere in the engine bay.  But…cabin filters are a whole other animal to address.  In our opinion, cabin air filters are just as important as your engine air filters.  These filters are responsible for removing dust, dirt, and allergens from the air you breathe inside of your vehicle.  Cabin filters help ensure your air conditioning remains effective and you circulate clean air for passengers and yourself.

A few things to address:

  1. Cabin filters are a new concept in the industry, few cars prior to the 1990′s had a cabin filter.  
  2. Cabin filter location can be in a number of locations, including behind the glove box and near the windshield wipers in a compartment in the engine bay. 
  3. Cabin filters for the most part are delicate particulate filters and must be handled carefully.
  4. Cabin filters should be changed at least twice a year as to ensure you maintain clean air.




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Cabin filters are a newer concept in the auto industry, few cars prior to the 1990′s had a cabin filter. Cabin filter location can be in a number of locations, including behind the glove box and near the windshield wipers in a compartment in the engine bay. Cabin filters for the most part are delicate particulate filters and must be handled carefully. Cabin filters should be changed at least twice a year as to ensure you maintain clean air.This website was created to help address the lack of easy to use automotive filtration commerce stores.  Too many websites have become cluttered and full of information that isn’t informative nor helpful to purchasing the correct item.  We strive to ensure our customers make the fewest mistakes possible when ordering.   This is why we include as much information as possible regarding product specifications and cross-reference numbers.  Many stores DO NOT include things such as dimensions.  We hope that you find this useful when checking your OEM air filters and cabin air filters against our listed descriptions. The dealer and its part’s department are always a hassle to deal with and in most cases never have customer service and prices you are looking for!  A deal can always be found on and we only ship your items via UPS!

Feel free to message us with any questions or comments regarding the use of this website and prices listed! We have created an easy to use vehicle Make, Model, Year drop down that can be seen in the upper right hand corner.  Please use this to search our store for our inventory that matches your car or truck. Some helpful links to learn more: FAQ Want to send us a message? Contact Us Enter the Store! Thanks again for checking us out!


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